Traffic Alerts Overview


The Traffic Alert API allows developers to provide their pilots with alerts about nearby traffic - including commercial airplanes, general aviation airplanes, helicopters, and some unmanned aircraft. The traffic feed is a combination of several highly reliable sources used by the airline industry. The Traffic Alert API automatically filters to alert the operator of only traffic that is low-altitude and near the current flight path.


The Traffic Alert API requires a few other AirMap services in order to function. If you are not familiar with these tools, check out the respective guides before proceeding:

  1. Authentication: See the Authentication Module for an easy JS implementation or SSO Authentication for an API login.

  2. Flight API: You must create a flight prior to using the Traffic Alert API (since the Traffic Alert API needs to know where to filter traffic for your flight). See Creating and Viewing Flights

  3. MQTT Client Library (External): The Traffic Alert API passes traffic over MQTT, a lightweight, highly efficient messaging protocol. MQTT has been implemented in many different languages, including C/C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Lua, and others. The examples in this guide use JavaScript and the popular Paho JavaScript Client

Traffic Alerts Overview

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