Maps are a great way to give pilots the ability to browse the airspace before a flight in the Discovery phase. The AirMap Platform includes a Tile Map Service that allows developers to visually display airspace and advisories to pilots as an overlay. AirMap also provides SDKs to do most of the heavy lifting and supports a variety of mapping libraries on both web and mobile.The Tile Map Service uses Mapbox Vector Tiles and therefore will only work with mapping libraries that support MVT tiles (or those than can convert them). See below for a full list of options for displaying maps:

Maps for the Web


Our maps for web don't quite yet support Contextual Airspace and rulesets (like on, so for now you will have to manually select which advisories to display. But it's coming soon!

  • Map JS SDK: Use the AirMap Javascript Map SDK, built on top of Mapbox, for the easiest way to quickly setup maps on the web with all the correct styles and colors included.

  • MapBox GL JS: Don't want to use our SDK, but still love Mapbox? Check out this guide.

  • Leaflet: Fully open source Javascript library

  • OpenLayers 3: Another great open source option

Maps for Mobile

  • iOS SDK : Easily add airspace maps to your iOS app

  • Android SDK: Easily add airspace maps to your Android app

Maps for Everything Else

  • Tile Server: Interact directly with the tile server. Best for custom mapping engines. Recommended for advanced developers only.